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We are producing remanufacture product as exact remanufacture process and control standards which is regulated from the government of the Republic of korea.
1969 Successful localization of the injection pump tester korea's first
1987 Seongnam Machinery Co., founded
1988 Korea's first production Gabbana testing machine
1988 Southeast Asian exports of South Korea's first
1992 Production of injection pump tester (Gold 4500)
1992 China exports of Korea's first
1993 Production of education injection pump test (Gold 3500)
1994 Production of diesel soot testing machine
1994 African exports of South Korea's first
1998 Production of the nozzle tester
1999 Daegu excellent SMEs selection
1999 ISO 9002 certifications
2003 ISO 9001 certifications
2005 EUR Valve manufacturing
2008 Delphi Valve development
2009 SD1000 development
2014 Exports of 20 countries around the world
S&J Co.,Ltd.